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Lowndes County Schools are committed to the students, families, and communities served. Join us as we build a strong foundation and nurture successful learners.
Our Vision:
Provide a superior educational system that challenges all students to attain their greatest intellectual, social, and personal potential.

News & Announcements

Rokenboks and Education

Several of our wonderful teachers spent two days last week learning to use Rokenboks to engage our students in seeing as a designer while thinking like an engineer.
Rokenboks and Education Featured Photo

LCSD Walks UP!

By lighting the way for others we unconsciously light the way for ourselves. LCSD Walks UP! Students from NHM and CHS stand and encourage their peers this morning before school.
LCSD Walks UP! Featured Photo

Career Tech Tours

The Career Tech tours for 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students are in the books!
Career Tech Tours Featured Photo


Four 7th and 8th-grade students took top honors Friday, March 2, in a district math tournament hosted by EMCC.
MATH WHIZ Featured Photo

Robotics is a 'learning process'

New Hope sophomore Arianna Rosales and senior Elliot Mason make adjustments to their robot in a competition at New Hope High School Saturday morning...
Robotics is a 'learning process' Featured Photo

At a Glance

  • 89.8% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 89.9% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 91.2% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 82.6% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 85.1% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 80.7% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 88.5%% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 84.9%% Graduation Rate - 2016