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Renaissance Home Connect
Link to the Mississippi Department of Education Website.
Family Guides for Student Success - ENGLISH
Family Guides for Student Success - SPANISH
Link to the Mississippi Library Commission. Contains test preps for many different subject areas. (i.e. AP Exam Prep, ACT Test Prep, GED Test Prep, etc.
Link to Advanced Placement online resources containing sample exams and review materials for students, parents, and teachers. This site contains a wealth of information for not only AP but also for SAT, PSAT, and CLEP exams and review materials as well as information regarding each test and deadlines.
Link to the Harcourt Textbook series for Pre-K through 6th Grades.
Provides textbook web-based support for Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and World Languages for High School students.
Provides assistance to students and parents for Grades 1st through 7th.
Gives a multitude of websites to assist students in math, social studies, science, language arts and literature, primary grades, etc.
Subject Area Testing Program (SATP) and MCT2 review and information for students and parents from the Mississippi Department of Education.
Information, review tests, and study skills website for SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement and many more.
Offers free study materials to high school students seeking to prepare for AP (Advanced Placement), ACT, and SAT classes and exams. Students use this website to learn class materials, study for quizzes and tests, and brush up on course material before the big exam day.
Offers free review exams for AP US History.
Offers free AP Chemistry Review Exam.
Offers AM Calculus Review Exams through the University of Houston.
Offers Pre-AP information, teaching tips, and exam questions pages for detailed information about each exam.


Practice and instructional tools for K-12 reading, language, math, science, Algebra I SATP, English II SATP, ACT and SAT.
A collaborative, objective resource for educators and administrators who are committed to enhancing student activities.
A web-based instruction, practice, assessment, and reporting built from Mississippi’s Department of Education Curriculum.
An online resource to help high school and middle school students effectively prepare for high-stakes subject area test.
A web-based workplace application with activities for administrators, teachers, and students for teaching, learning, and saving time. This web site parallels the Pearson textbook series.