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LCE Portal

Welcome to Life Centered Education (LCE) portal. LCE is the Council for Exceptional Children’s comprehensive life skills curriculum and assessment product.

Your account is licensed for 10 Teachers and up to 200 Students. The account has been activated on 12/01/2012 and will be due for renewal on 11/30/2013.

To register Teachers who will be using the portal, please provide them with the following link and following instructions.

Get Started Instructions:

* Once you are registered as a teacher on the portal, go to the “Manage School Year” tab at the top of the screen.

* Go to the “Manage School Year” tab at the top of the screen.

* Click on the “Classes” tab. Then create each class with which you will be using LCE.

* Next click on the “Students” tab under “Manage School Year”. For each of your students, click “Add Student” and put in the student’s name and all the other information called for. [Uploading student photos is optional.]. You can sssign each student to the class or classes he or she will be attending. You can create a log-on for each student for the student portal.

* After you have set up all your students on the portal and you are ready to begin planning instruction, go to the portal home page, select “Curriculum Matrix” and then “Build a Knowledge Battery.” Go to the domain, competencies, and subcompetencies for which you want to test students prior to instruction, and follow the instructions on the screen to add those items to the knowledge battery you are building. 

* Once your knowledge battery selections are complete, follow the screen instructions to name the battery, and then click on the “Assign Knowledge Batteries” tab, and you can choose the students to whom you want to administer the battery.

* To administer the portion of the knowledge battery you have selected, show each student how to log on to the student portal and go to the test.

* Next on the test is a button to choose the option to have the system read the test questions aloud to the student. Show the student how to click on the answers and to save the test when it is completed.

* Once the test has been completed, go to the “Student” tab on the teacher portal to view the results for each student. The test results will indicate the areas of that part of the knowledge battery where the student needs instruction. The knowledge battery should be re-administered after those areas of the curriculum have been taught, using the lesson plans for the objectives related to those curriculum areas.

Additional instructional information will be posted regularly on the CEC web site – and on the portal. If you would like to arrange a contract for a training workshop on implementing the curriculum, please call 1-703-264-9466 or email If you need an additional license to allow more teachers and students to use the portal, please call CEC at 1-888-232-7733.

If you experience any problems logging into the Life Centered Education
(LCE) portal, feel free to contact our support team by submitting a technical support ticket: